Sheer and Perfect Foundation

Unique approach for beautiful skin expression:

Color Complementary Mechanism

Cancelling the skin's color noise with the mechanism focused on colors of light, for beautiful skin that looks just like bare skin.

There are three main color-related imperfections compromising the beauty of vibrant bare skin: red, brown, and black. These imperfections disturb beautiful skin tone just as color noise disturbs beautiful colors.

Shiseido's new foundation cancels out color noise by using complementary colors* and light, achieving bare-skin-like beautiful complexions without cancelling natural bare skin's beauty.

*Complementary colors are pairs of hues positioned directly across from one another on the color wheel. Either color can be effectively cancelled out by layering it with light in its complementary color. This makes it possible to make imperfections invisible without concealing them with heavy makeup, leaving your skin looking fresh and glowing.


A sheer liquid foundation that evens skin tone and provides a healthy, glowing finish that lasts all day. You will feel its light and incomparably refreshing texture.

Skincare Effect

Maintains skin moisture balance all day. (Cointains Hydro-Producing Complex)

New Formula

Shiseido's new formula, Aqua Gel Base, gives the foundation a refreshing, dewy texture like water, and bright, radiant translucency.

With a refreshing texture as smooth as water, it spreads easily and instantly for a refined, sheer finish that feels fresh, healthy, and silky, without stickiness or shininess.

Lacquer Rouge

Inspired by the beauty of Japan's world-renowned lacquerware, Lacquer Rouge is an elegant expression of modern makeup artistry.

It smooths the lips with intense color and a deep, lustrous finish. Alluring and uniqely Shiseido.

Perfect Rouge

Rich color and silky shine create full, beautifully finished lips.

Coloring and nurturing, Perfect Rouge leaves lips smoother and more moist than ever.

From the moment you pick it up, you sense the richness and beauty of Perfect Rouge.

Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio

This alluring new color combination offers a wide range of makeup options.

The long-lasting true colors* and satiny texture** glide smoothly over the eyelids.

*Satin Smooth Pearl, Dual-Optimizing Powder and Micromatic Color Pigment.
**Satin Smooth Pearl
Cointains moisturizing Suer Hydro-Wrap Vitaliing DE